A Lagoon of Stars

In my previous post I mentioned M8/M20. Here is a closer view of the pair. The Lagoon Nebula (right) is a glowing cloud of hydrogen where new stars are forming. In the lower right is the Trifid Nebula. The Trifid Nebula is a trio of three types of nebulae. An emission nebula, a reflection nebula, […]

Mars and its North Pole

Visible in this image are the darker highlands of mars (top and bottom) as well as the norther ice cap (south in this picture). The white spots on the left horizon are large cloud patterns and dust storms. Taken with an Orion Xt8 8″ newtonian on an Orion Sirius mount. best 70% of 1340 frames […]

M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy

I’m not fully content with how this turned out, but i’ll post it anyways. This is a face-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major. Taken with a Nikon D5100 Iso 600 Vixen Ed80sf (600mm) 19×120″ exposures stacked in DSS Processed in Pscs2