The Upper Sagittarius Region

Multitudes of bright yellow stars make up this central region of the Milky Way. Dark bands of dust block out the star light behind them. Also visible in this picture are many clusters and nebulae. Bright nebulae M8 (The Lagoon Nebula) and M20 (The Trifid Nebula) hang in the center of the image. The Omega Nebula (M17) is visible in the upper right of the image. The Sagittarius Star Cloud (M24) is visible as a large light blue cluster of stars in the upper right. This is one of my favorite regions of the sky, as it is so rich with gas and dust.

I took this image from GSSP with a 70mm f/4 lens. This is a single exposure (clouds rolled in just afterwards).

1x300s iso 800

Mount: Sirius Eq-g

Lens: Nikor 70-300mm Ed

Auto guiding: SSAG through a ST80.


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