OK, things don’t always go to plan.

A while ago, I made a post describing the process I go through in planning an image. In said post I used an image of Rho Ophiuchi I was planning on taking as an example. I planned to take the picture at the Golden State Star Party, and promised to provide an update once it […]

The Planning of an Image

As one might imagine, taking a picture of a galaxy on the other side of the observable universe takes some planning. A LOT of planning. The whole shebang starts with one simple question: What do I want to take a picture of? Choosing a Target Choosing what I want to shoot is possibly the hardest step in […]

M8- The Lagoon Nebula

The Lagoon Nebula is one of the brightest HII regions visible in our skies. This interstellar cloud of gas in the constellation Sagittarius is home to multitudes of newly created stars. This image is part of my “Lagoon of Stars” data set that I took back in June. 22x5min iso 800 Vixen Ed80sf (600mm) Orion […]